How-To Guides and Suggested Methods

Basic Terminology


  • Setting the wifi card to monitor mode: Find the card name with "ifconfig" (e.g. wlan0 or wlx60e327177a6b).
    Also, please note there are alternative methods & guides for this if necessary.
    sudo ifconfig wlan0 down
    sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
    sudo ifconfig wlan0 up
  • Some programs(hcxtools) might throw an error about conflicting network processes. You can kill them with:
    sudo airmon-ng check kill

WEP Hacking Guides

WPA2 Hacking Guides

  • ADVICE: Start with low number of Deauth frames (1-3). Too many will permanetly disconnect some devices
  • HINT: Passwords are in Rockyou DB. They are exactly 10 digits long and should take less than 10-15minutes to crack with a laptop.
  • You technically only need one wifi adapter for this hack, but you would have to wait for a client to make a connection to the network (e.g. when your phone autoconnects to home wifi when you come home from work). The second wifi adapter allows us to disconnect (deauth) an already connected client.
  • If the network has no clients, you must wait or try alternative techniques, such as PMKID or WPS.


WPS Guides

Netgear Routers with default ESSID (e.g. NETGEAR85)

Hidden Networks